December 7th, 2011

BANG! Haha just kidding

mdc_multiverse a multi-comics Crossover RP

The last time the ultimate beings known as The Brothers became aware of each other, they collided in a conflict that nearly destroyed their two multiverses. Then, for a time, they became one. When they did so, they combined not only themselves, but the many inhabitants of those multiverses. This created what would from then on be referred to as the "Amalgam" universe, and gave rise to such heroes as Dark Claw, Iron Lantern, and Amazon. Their world existed only briefly though; undone through the work of two cosmic beings and a man called Access.

The time of separation was years for the multiverses, however to the Brothers, it was surprisingly brief. So the Brothers came together again. But with a new perspective. They came not with anger, but with peace and deliberation. Armed with the lessons they had learned from their last attempt.

In the timeless moment before the merge, the Brothers allowed their creations to decide for themselves weather they wanted to continue living separately, or return to their lost lives from the forgotten Amalgam Universe.
Game Overview
The MDC Universe is home to characters from Marvel, DC, Amalgam, and various other Comic Book related Universes. We've got tons of characters available! Comic Verse, Animation Verse, and Movie Verse are all accepted! The choice is yours! Or you can mix things up and tell a new story with the Amalgam system! Take part in community wide events, get the latest news from the Daily Globe or tune in to the Jack Ryder show, and contact teammates or rivals in the Multimedia community!
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